Why Study in Canada?

Canada, amongst the topmost destinations for foreign students to study. Students prefer Canada for higher education on account of multiple reasons.

Thousands of students travel to Canada for higher education every year. One of the foremost motives why they do so is that the country renders world-class education which is identified globally. An education from a Canadian university is contemplated of noble value which is comparable to the US, Australia, and other European Countries.

Both the Government and Universities give gains particularly for the students to seek their studies strongly. The high academic standard and quality education help the students to come out of the universities with flying colors. International students can obtain worthy education at very low fees related to other countries across the globe. Not only fees but also the scholarship opportunities reduce the expenses and you will get the best education at minimal fees should you choose to travel to Canada for higher education. Even though the number of universities is less compared to the US, the education standards of most universities are on par with universities of the US and Europe.

Apart from education, there will be diverse events happening around the university. Every university has its events and parties which involve students, combining not only to study but also cultural events that help to mingle with multicultural people in the university. These events remove all the stress and give a physical workout to the body. Universities provide many extracurricular pursuits where one can stand out of the crowd with their talents both university wise and country wise. Most of the Universities give students access to free Wi-Fi, Daily newspapers, journals, magazines, and many more. International Students will enjoy the different lifestyles and fun way of learning as they pursue higher education in Canada.

While studying in Canada for higher education, students are permitted to take up part-time jobs both on-campus and off-campus. No work permit is needed to work on campus and students are allowed to work up to 20 hours/week. There are many part-time jobs available off-campus like jobs in Hotels, hostels, general labor, tutors, etc. After graduation, there are a vast number of employment opportunities related to the technical domain. Students with knowledge and skills who are in Canada for higher education get placed easily in top companies with their dream job. Job prospects are strong for international students.

Students can not only feed their minds but also feast their eyes with the scenic beauty around them when they reach Canada for higher education. Canada attracts a large number of tourists each year who visit the astonishing places and enjoy the beauty of nature. Students enjoy exploring nature, wildlife, and many other amusement parks. Students in the coastal line can enjoy the views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The neat and clean environment of Canada adds beauty to the place. Students in Canada for higher education can take time off to visit tourist spots in Canada.

Canada experiences a warm summer and a very cold winter each year. During summers the temperature goes up to a maximum of 30°C. Students coming from hot countries like India will feel very warm in summer. But during winter the climate of Canada changes upside down. The temperature reduces to a minimum of -20°C. Most people stay indoors during winter because of snowfall and snowstorms where the height of snow will be up to 5 to 6 feet. Students will find it very difficult during the winters because of the extreme cold. During spring there will be a chilly breeze flowing around the country. Autumn is the most beautiful season in Canada. In this season all the leaves of trees and plants start to turn orange, red and it will be a beautiful view to watch. The leaves fall changing the streets to the same color. It is the best season in Canada.

English and French are the official languages of Canada. After the arrival of the number of students and immigrants to Canada, it has become a multilingual country with many languages, religions, and cultures. Students will be surrounded by several people speaking different languages and it will be great exposure for the students to learn those languages. Even though it is a miscellaneous society there won’t be any problems of race and color.

Work permit visa along with study visa is given to the students. After graduation, students can work here for two years, and after the completion of one year students can apply to become a permanent resident of Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has made it easy to get a student visa and help him during his stay in Canada for higher education. During studies, Students can work up to 20 hours/week to meet the needs of their living. Even inside the universities, many part-time opportunities are available which are very much useful for the students.

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